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Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

Wisata Air Terjun Indonesia

Grojogan Sewu Spoiler for Grojogansewu

Grojogan Sewu is one of the waterfalls are located in Central Java. Located in District Tawangmangu, Karanganyar regency, Central Java. Waterfalls Grojogan Sewu located on the slopes of Mount Lawu. Grojogan Sewu located about 27 km to the east of the City Karanganyar. Sewu Grojogan Waterfalls are part of the Forest Tourism Grojogan Sewu. Grojogan Sewu means a thousand waterfalls. Although the waterfall here are not numbered a thousand, but there is some point waterfalls that can be enjoyed in sini.Air highest waterfall is about 80 meters high. There is also a waterfall that is not too high but the shower spread and establish branches. When is the rainy season, around the waterfall cliff will be caught, but during the summer, many waterfalls are dry. Sewu Grojogan Forest Tourism has an area 20 Ha. The forest area is overgrown with various species of forest trees and inhabited by a group of tame monkeys. Some features of this tourist forest is Forest Park Zoo, a swimming pool, rest areas, food stalls, kiosks and souvenir fruits, praying and toilets.
Waterfall sedudo Spoiler for sedudo

Sedudo Waterfall is a waterfall and tourist attraction located in the Village District Ngliman Sawahan, Nganjuk regency, East Java. The distance is about 30 km to the south of the capital district Nganjuk. Located at an altitude of 1438 meters above sea level, the height of this waterfall is about 105 meters. These resorts have good facilities, and transportation routes are easily accessible. Local people still believe, this waterfall has the power of supra-natural. This natural tourist sites visited people in Sura (Javanese calendar). It is said that there is a myth since the time Majapahit, the moon was believed to bring fortune for the young people who bathe in airterjun them. Every New Year Java, airterjun sedudo used for ceremonial rituals, that is bathing the statue in a ceremony Parna Prahista, which then residual water dipercikan for families to get the blessing of salvation and younger. Until now the Regency Nganjuk routinely perform the ritual bath sedudo every 1st Suro.
Waterfall Balangdaras Spoiler for Balangdaras

Balangdaras waterfall is a waterfall located 25 km from City Pelaihari, Tanah Laut, South Kalimantan, precisely in DesaTanjung, Pelaihari, Tanah Laut. Balangdaras waterfall has a beautiful panoramic mountain and exotic. Being at altitude mountains with an altitude В ± 45 meters.
Waterfall Srambang Spoiler for Srambang

Srambang is one tourist attraction in the form of Ngawi District waterfall. Located at the foot of Mount Lawu, District Jogorogo, about 5 km to the south of Jogorogo market. Height of this waterfall is almost reached 25 m. It is a tourist attraction that is often visited by tourists both local and outside the region. Atmosphere the cool and cold mountains make this place always crowded with visitors visitors. The area has been paved road to the location making it easier for travel. Location waterfall adjacent to the boarding school srambang Condro Mowo. If you bring your motorcycle can go straight to the location without having to walk away and you do not have to worry about security issues because it has provided a parking area, although not so broad. But if you bring a car, you have to walk about 500 m to get to the location of water terjun.Anda can enjoy the cool atmosphere and feel the fresh mountain waterfall when not wet with water. Visitors can bathe and enjoy the food and beverages as well as roasted corn on lokasiair plunge. Many traders who peddle food and warm drinks. The deadline for requests is up to 3 pm. This is to anticipate the occurrence of landslides in the waterfall area, especially in the rainy season, many Pacet and prone to landslides.
Curug Cipendok Spoiler for Cipendok

Cipendok waterfall is located in the middle of the village of Karang, District Cilongok, Curug Cipendok Banyumas.Airterjun District has 92 meters. Eve in the cool surroundings and along roads leading to it there are areas around the region have perkebunan.Di campground and a lake called Telaga Pucung. Location terjunini water is fairly easy to achieve. Already paved the road to the location of all. Until the location of parking, and walked to the location of the waterfall, we really can enjoy the natural scenery around while berolahraga.Di path to the location, many stalls selling Mendoan, pure milk which can be found at stalls home residents. Plantation tomatoes, peppers and celery is quite interesting dinimati on the way to the location. Not to mention the small rivers with clear water flowing, can invite us to come down for a moment it felt cool and crisp mountain water. When the big day like a holiday feast, this location is pretty crowded every year.
Curug Luhur Spoiler for Luhur

Luhur waterfall is a waterfall that was in the area Ciomas subdistrict, Bogor. Height 624 m. Waterfall that has two parallel waterfall is located on Mount Salak about 70 km south of Jakarta. Flow of water in this waterfall strong and quite dangerous. Similarly, there were whirlpools beneath a strong and can drag people into it. This waterfall is one tourist attraction in this area. This area is also famous for producing sweet, dried pineapple and durian Rancamaya.
Curug Belt Spoiler for Belt

Belt waterfall is a waterfall located on the slopes of Mount Ciremai, Cilengkrang Valley, Jalaksana, Kuningan regency, provincial West Java, Indonesia. Height of this waterfall is about 20m, with adequate water flow deras.Di the flow of water from the waterfall belt, there are several hot springs. To reach the waterfall belt from the direction of Cirebon, Arriving at the market jalaksana (krucuk market), there is a T-junction turn right, slightly uphill road because it leads to the slopes Ciremai. To reach the waterfall, have to walk about 1 hour through the path, and through the mountain forests Ciremai relatively unspoiled. Not far from the waterfall Belt, approximately 300 m, there is a waterfall Sawer, with a height of 60 m. waterfall
Curug Sewu Spoiler for Curug Sewu

Sewu waterfall is located in Patean, Kendal and is a three-level waterfall with a height of about 80m. The name of the waterfall is taken from the name of the village where the waterfalls are located, namely his right Curugsewu village in District Patean, the distance is 40 kilometers from the town of Kendal by first past the city and Sukorejo Weleri. Waterfalls Curugsewu have the privilege and unique compared to other waterfall, with a total height of 70 meters consisting of 3 plunge, each having a height of 45 meters, 15 meters and 20 meters. looks very beautiful and charming to look at, especially at certain times, from the waterfall appears rainbow blend of dazzling diversity of colors. To provide convenience to visitors, about the location of Waterfall Curugsewu been equipped with recreational parks and complementary facilities such as stage children's playground, mini zoo and swimming pool and various other facilities. Still on the privileges and keunikkannya, was AirTerjun Curugsewu is the highest waterfall in Central Java. To complete range of amenities and facilities that already exist, Mini Train, Jet Coaster and Swimming Pool with national standards have been built. In order to provide excellent service and satisfying.
Giri beads Spoiler for Girimanik

Giri bead is a natural tourist area cool valve with a very beautiful natural panorama. This tourist region there are three waterfalls, called Manik Moyo Waterfall, Tinjo Moyo, and Condromoyo. Beads Waterfall Moyo has a height of 70 meters Waterfall Tinjo while Moyo has a height of 30 meters. Not far from Manik Moyo Waterfall there is a place of sacred relics or ruins Raden Mas Saidyang known as the Stone Resi.

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