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Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

Wisata Bandung Selatan

South of Bandung, better known as agro-tourism center of activity (agriculture and tea plantations in Rancabali, Ciwidey, Malabar, Pangalengan and Gununghalu), Tirta Tour (Situ Patenggang and Situ Cileunca) and Wana Wisata (Kamojang Crater, craters and hot springs White Cimanggu).

Tourism Region Ciwidey a tourist destination is quite complete in the Southern District of Bandung, in addition to tourist attractions Pangalengan with his Cileunca Situ, Agro tourism Malabar, and the object of other tourist attractions.

Hotels in South Bandung.

Quite a lot there are hotels in South Bandung, most hotels here are smaller and the facilities are not fancy like the hotels in North Bandung or Bandung.

How to Go South Bandung?

- Click here to view a map of directions to South Bandung area (Ciwidey) from TOL Pasteur to White crater.

- Click here to view a map of directions to South Bandung area (Pangalengan) from TOL Pasteur until Situ Cileunca (Rafting).

These maps are dynamic and can be adjusted to change the location where you are and your desired destination. Read the first hints in the right column to facilitate its use.

Situ patengan.
Situ Patenggang Bandung
It is a natural lake located in the tea plantations bali Ranch, located about 47 km from the city of Bandung. Valve is a tourist area cool and fresh, very far away from pollution. On the edge of the lake there are many boats which can be rented to tourists around the lake.

Traveler Tip: Visiting this place is better in the morning until noon, because in the late afternoon fog had come down normally. The fog is very dense there patengan visibility even be only 1-2 feet away so it will not look anything scenery. To rent a boat around the lake you should make a bargain price in advance. Usually the price offered sektar USD 10,000 s / d Rp. 15,000 / person.

White crater.
Still located in bali Ranch, located about 44 km from the city of Bandung, or rather in Sugih village, district of Pasir Jambu. white crater is a crater lake of Mount Patuha with a height of 2434 meters above sea level. This crater is one of the crater with sulfur acidity highest in the world, so that the Dutch colonial government had built a factory sulfur in this place.

The uniqueness of this tourist attraction is a crater which is white, the air is very cold here can even reach 0-2 degrees Celsius in certain seasons.

Traveler Tips: Just as there patengan in the afternoon in a white crater usually go down a very dense fog. In addition, the sulfur content becomes so high that the crater is often closed in the afternoon.

Garden Strawberry.
Kebun Strawberry
Tourism is picking strawberries when tourism is very popular with tourists.

Strawberry is a leading agro products from Bandung regency, especially in the area Ciwidey. In this area there are many traditional strawberry garden to garden with professional management. You are free to choose which ones you enjoy the garden and picking them yourself directly.

Traveler Tips: Strawberry is good quality there is in fact outside the rainy season, because it is easily damaged / rotten if frequently exposed to rain. If you visit in the rainy season, should choose a strawberry-covered garden / green house use.

Ciwidey area is rich with natural hot springs. One was used by a swimming pool Perhutanioffice Cimanggu. Swimming Cimanggu has extensive parking facilities, children's playground, etc..

As with Cimanggu, Ciwalini also utilize pelimpahnya natural hot springs. The swimming pool is located within the cool tea plantation Walini.

Traveler Tips: Cimanggu pool and spacious parking area + is equipped with children's playground, but ciwalini have a more clear water ..

Ranca Upas.
A campground complex around the groves of Eucalyptus, a plant that originated from the continent of Australia. This area is 41 km from downtown Bandung, and is situated at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level, with air temperatures average 18 degrees Celsius.
In this place there are also captive deer are the main attraction for tourists.

Situ Cileunca.
Cileunca there is a lake in the area Pangalengan. This lake is an artificial lake which covers about 1400 hectares surrounded by hills and mountain background.

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In addition to functioning as an interesting tourist attraction, there Cileunca also serves as a source of water for power generation. Water from the lake flowed through the river Palayangan, which is also often used as an arena of air-water rafting / rafting.

Tea Pekebunan Malabar.

Mount Malabar who have the natural charm of tea plantations with the cool air naturally, is very suitable for sports activities on foot / tea walk, turning recreation. In the midst of plantations there are a variety of ancient buildings are still well maintained, like a guest house, housing estate administrator in the colonial period up to the tomb KAR Bosscha.

Cibolang hot water bathing.

An ecotourism natural hot spring located in the jungle bordering the tea garden. Located at the foot of the mountain at an altitude of 1,500 meters Puppet above sea level, with temperatures ranging from 18 degrees Celsius. It is suitable for a family tour with complete facilities.
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