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Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

Keindahan Pantai Pulau Derawan Kalimantan Timur

A tropical paradise located in one of the island province of East Kalimantan, Berau precisely and in the Strait of Sulawesi, not far from the border with Malaysia. Derawan Island into a maritime tourist destinations attractive choice for you who likes the beach with soft white sand and clear water shining. Moreover, added bonus benign encounter turtles that swam happily while we do the dive.

Sometimes when sitting on the edge of a wooden bridge that leads to the sea, we can see the green turtles and fro on the surface of clear water. Occasionally even the turtles that seem to roam around the cottage is located on the coast of the island. At nightfall, several turtles climbed ashore and lay eggs there.

Alloy sea and moss colors produce stunning shades of blue and green, and a small forest in the middle, make this island so beautiful natural scenery presents a pity to miss for granted. What remains, deep memories.

Dr. Carden Wallace of the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Australia has examined marine wealth Derawan Island and found more than 50 types of Arcropora (marine animal) in one coral reef. No one seems if Derawan island famous as the third highest in the world as an international dive destination

This island is relatively less well known especially in the country because of its own struggle to achieve it takes quite complicated. You must go first to Balikpapan from Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta or Denpasar, to go to this island. Approximately two hours travel time of flight from Jakarta to Balikpapan.

From Balikpapan, you still have to fly to Cape Redeb for one hour with a small plane that served by KAL Star, Deraya or DAS. In addition, Cape Redeb can also be reached by sea, with boarded the ship from Samarinda Tarakan to Tanjung Redeb or proceed with the lease motorboat to the island Derawan with long travel approximately 2 hours.

Many foreigners who just got off the plane at the airport Kalimarau, Cape Redeb Derawan rushed to the island by motorboat which was moored at a specific port.

Another alternative could also through land route from Balikpapan to Tanjung Batu and from there crossed over to the island Derawan. It's just that this is not a good choice because of travel crossing itself takes up to a dozen hours with a relatively unpleasant terrain.

Even so, you know, just a lot of foreign tourists who already knew more about the existence of this exotic island. A number of Japanese tourists through travel from Tokyo who were there "shoot straight" go to Singapore or to Sabah and then continue the trip to Aberdeen, then to Cape Redeb using small aircraft.

They utilize their time during the Derawan with diving, down the underwater beauty of the island which indeed is the best location for diving. Moreover, with the condition of the remote islands and "virgin" increasingly add charm anyone to enjoy it as long as possible.

Never mind all the way, only within a distance of 50 meters from the beach, we already can see the beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish back and forth. The water is very clear. You can rent a snorkel for Rp 30 thousand per day. If you want to dive deeper, we can find fish that are more "exotic" such as grouper, red fish, fish kurisi, fish, barracuda, sea cucumbers, and oysters. On a rock at a depth of ten meters, there is a reef known as "Blue Trigger Wall" because of the reef with a length of 18 meters there is a lot of trigger fish (red-toothed trigger fishes).

Island Derawan provide accommodations facilities (cottages), rental of diving equipment as well as restaurants. There is also a cheap lodging-inn fare that is managed by local people. The range of prices ranging from Rp 45 thousand to USD 100 thousand / night.

Still not satisfied?

You can also review the other islands around Derawan. For example: Charitable Island, Maratua, and Kakaban which has its own uniqueness. Pari Fish Blue (Manta Rays) that had reached 3.5 meters wide with a population on the island of Charitable. In fact can also be found-if lucky enough, black stingray with wide "wingspan" 6 meters. While Kakaban have uniqueness in the form of a prehistoric lake in the middle of the sea, the only one in Asia. (By Emery Taufik Gobel)

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